Our Mission

The History

Man who does not know the outline of their history finds it difficult to understand the contemporary world. History is the bricks for building up young people’s identity. It is for this reason that we must recover the control over our history writing process. We must not give in to the psychologically destroyed aliens’ twisting and perverting our history. Our western civilization has by far and wide lost the control over the way our history has been written anew. This gave rise to the emergence of the Holocaust propaganda and the guilt cult; the notions of White Man’s Burden and White Man´s Guilt. Once we have recovered our control over our history, we must rewrite it and make a big effort to prevent our world from being dominated by psychologically rotten newcomers from the East.

The Family

In the Western-Christian tradition the Family enjoys top position in the hierarchy of values. This privileged standing was not unknown in the Pre-Christian Europe. The books by Roman historians and the excavated findings from the Stone Age are the best evidence. The family’s high position among Europeans derives from their gems rather than from some superficial cultural notions that have gained the importance of quasi-religion. Go back to the description of the „Holy Family” we celebrate at Christmas. This phenomenon is not reserved to only that Family. Family makes the foundation of our existence.

The Faith

In Europe, the Christian Faith has been alive for about 2000 years. It was Christianity – and not any ethnicity – that united the European nations in the past to stand against the impacts from the eastern cultural circles. The greatest merit of Christianity is the unity of all white nations under the common token of new religion.

The Science

Rationalism makes the foundation of European culture. It is in Europe where the first antique mystery schools start operating which today would be given the status of Natural Science Universities. The urge to learn the truth and the need to understand the world have built up the outstanding features of the Europeans who put those qualities on top of the cultural development of Man.

The Race

For many centuries the Christianity borders had been indicating the European settling pattern. It is a fact although this aspect of racial unity of all white nations under one, Christian religion has never been explicitly expressed. Where the white men reached their border line, there was also the end of the Christian world. It had been going on for centuries.

Note: many black people living in the colonized countries were converted by the European missionaries yet their Christianity is very superficial. It can easily be spotted when they follow their habits deeply rooted in the traditional ceremonies: the Voodoo.