Our Mission

We live in morbid times. We are overwhelmed by the tendency to make the White Race – the founders of the European countries – into enemy to be annihilated by the so called elite. For a lengthy time, the European nations’ race and sexuality have been subjected to harassment. Those attacks are triggered by mass media as several decades ago they fell into hostile hands. The interests of white, heterosexual people eventually discontinued to be represented on TV or in the press.

Our aim is to make the WHITE EUROPE portal into a counter balance to the hostile main stream media through promoting the rights and claims of the white, heterosexual Europeans. We are urging you to boycott those elite-driven media and consider the contribution to the WHITE EUROPE site to have it developed.

A Note on Homosexuality

The specialty of the current political system is the creation of a pathological social class who would serve as weapon against the white, heterosexual part of our society. The plan of the present political system, which promotes homosexuality and uplifts it to the position of modern urban nobility, explicitly reflects this attitude. However, it must be clearly said that single homosexual people pose no harm to the White Race.

A Note on Family

In our cultural code, biologically healthy, sane white family is of highest value. For this reason we would like to emphasize that our intention is to run uncompromised representation of their interests. Our understanding focuses on biological life hence our action involves unconditional fight against political ideologies aiming at our destruction.

Information on system change

What we are striving to achieve is that our WHITE EUROPE site becomes an information platform which widely promotes WHITE SURVIVAL & WHITE PROGRESS. Our utmost wish is to create spiritual foundation which will give us strength enough to destroy the current system working hard to White Race’s detriment.

Your Editors