A highly dangerous pathological Class is used as a Weapon against us!!!

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Here it is:

If we want to describe the spiritual world of the members of the civic mob (the liberals), then a constructed history is helpful.

Once upon a time there was a country somewhere to the north. An asocial individual; a degenerate, mentally debilitated, AIDS-infected, bisexual, pedophile, parasitic, work-shy immigrant should finally be exported to his homeland after having committed several crimes.

General note on the topic

Such an export is nothing special per se, because such a “stallion” nobody is not welcome in his stable (gene pool). For this type of biological waste the sovereign of the country is responsible for producing them.

But times have changed. The times have changed because the masters of the mass media have changed. These new masters of the mass media propagate a system of values ​​designed for self-destruction, which is accepted and absorbed by a certain section of the people who we call them the civic mob.

The shattered deportation of an illegal alien

On the day of the planned deportation, police forces brought the illegal Alien to the airport in the country’s capital to export him on board a ready machine. At about the same time nearly 100 members of the civic mob appeared on the runway of the airport. Their intention was to prevent the illegal alien from deportation. For this purpose they began to make the flight operation impossible. Their blockade of the runway was supposed to take two days and two nights.

The result: an unprecedented hazard for air traffic occured. Dodge facilities for approaching machines had to be found quickly.

The political aspect of the blockade

The Home Secretary was under tremendous pressure from the first hour of the blockade. Not only because the head of the airport – as well as senior officers of the police – aggressively demanded that he gave the order for violent eviction, but also because the media bosses of the country got wind of the blockade. The Home Secretary knew that the media bosses would crucify him if he ordered the violent enforcement of the illegal alien’s deportation. To make matters worse, the president also threatened him with consequences if he gave in to the blackmail attempt. The Home Secretary would have liked to run away like a child because he was neither a man nor an officer at heart.

After two days and two nights, the Home Secretary announced his decision to suspend the deportation of the alien. Of course! That was ultimately goal of the blockade, and his decision pleased the media bosses.

The role of the media – especially television

From the first hour of the blockade onwards, the media did everything to portray the occupiers of the airport as “anti-fascist freedom fighters” and as fighters for “equality, democracy and justice” in the eyes of the civic mob in the country.

A TV station the extreme left-wing, multicultural spectrum produced a disgusting smear campaign which said the illegal alien, condemned for deportation, became a victim of “hatred, intolerance, and white racism.”

The effects of the psychological operations of the media bosses

The media bosses activated by their smear campaigns the entire civic mob of the capital and the surrounding area. Extremely violent left-wing groups funded by NGOs also poured into the capital.

The ANTIFA set over 200 luxury sedans on fire to punish their owners (the Wicked Whites, the Racists, the Fascists).

The protestant pastors of the capital and the surrounding area decided to go along with the liberal, anti-white mob.

Even the stupidest politician understood in these two days of the blockade on which side the sympathies of the media bosses lie and on which side they do not lie. To put it this way: The media bosses consider the white (European), male and female, heterosexual, biological component of the country as their enemy. Furthermore, the dumbest politician understood that the media bosses are the de facto rulers of the country. No Home Secretary and no president can win a power struggle against them.

Short consideration of the civic mob (liberals)

After the successfully prevented deportation of the illegal alien, all the liberals celebrated their victory over fascism, racism, xenophobia and intolerance. They called this successful blackmail a “victory of democracy” – a victory which would not had been possible without the help of the media bosses. “DEMOCRACY FOR EVER” they chanted all evening in the center of the capital Aryana.

Even a clown like Steinmeier from Germany came up with the exclamation: “The Statue of Liberty stands now in Aryana.” Exactly this exclamation caused the radical left as well as the civic mob to applaud for minutes, and one had the feeling that at least some of the liberals well understood this exclamation.

Final consideration

The civic mob is a social class constructed by the mass media. Its easy manipulability and openess to left-wing ideologies allows its use as a weapon against healthy parts of the people. In Germany, for example, the civic mob is a decisive pillar of the Merkel regime.