Assasination of the Mayor of Gdansk

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Image: Paweł Bogdan Adamowicz the Mayor of Gdańsk. He was stabbed with a knife and he died a few hours later from his serious injuries.

Paweł Bogdan Adamowicz was the Lord Mayor of Gdansk, a former member of the leftist PO (Platforma Obywatelska) and a promotor of LGBT movements. That made him the darling of the system. His public assassination in Gdansk is therefore not a purely Polish matter. The political system will use his assassination to give national movements in Poland and in Western Europe a black eye.

The assassination of Adamowicz was not politically organized !!!

You, my readers, should know that Paweł Adamowicz was murdered by a prisoner who had been released from prison a few weeks earlier. He was not politically organized.