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This current photo from Poland shows members of the Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska) and members of the Polich Teachers’ Association (ZNP) rooted in the communist times (the leader still the same since 1980s). The Civic Platform is a party in Poland that can be compared to the Greens in Germany.

The photo shows liberal Polish politicians wearing yellow vests at a press conference. They are trying to give the Polish people the false impression that the Civic Platform and the ZNP back up the Yellow Vest Movement in France. In fact, the French yellow vests have been rewarded with deadly hatred by the liberals in their fight for white survival and against islamisation and the NWO.

Why the hell are the Polish collaborators of the “bankers” wearing yellow vests?

The Polish collaborators of the “bankers” are well aware that the white resistance in France is rooted in the people and not in the degenerates. The yellow vests are composed of workers, supervisors, self-employed craftsmen, patriots, Islamization opponents, wives and mothers. They are thus represented by people with whom a healthy Pole can identify with.

  • The liberal Civic Platform is trying to spread the identification of the Poles with the yellow vests.
  • The Left Civic Platform is trying to prevent a French-inspired, uncontrolled, national opposition in Poland. Such an opposition would certainly be supported by substantial parts of the Polish people.
  • My personal assumption: in Poland a controlled opposition is in the pipeline which puts an end to the further spread of the yellow vests.

Operations like in Poland are also likely to occur in other EU countries. It threatens the capture of the yellow vests’ idea by the liberals.What can we do against it?

We can ask national organizations to activate their members and followers. This means that national organizations have to take their people to the streets – WITH YELLOW VESTS, THE YELLOW VEST IDEA HAS A STRENGTH: IT IS EASY TO COPY AND CHEAP TO PUT IT TO PRACTICE.

  • Appropriate organizations need to be specifically targeted to ensure that their guides engage with the topic of the article.

My readers, I turn to you today with a concrete request to help me to find and contact suitable organizations – also abroad. Thank you.

Organisations to be addressed:

  • in Germany: NPD
  • in Poland: NOP & ONR
  • in the Czech Republik: DSSS