The civic Mob

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Picture: The civic mob (Liberals) in action. Quote: “Dear Muslims, do not leave us alone with the Germans.”

Italy: Civic rebel (Liberals) attack the mourners of a raped and killed Italian woman.

The civic mob (Liberals) constitutes a social class within all Western civilization societies. In the countries of Western Europe, the percentage of these species is higher than in Eastern Europe. The political system has recognized the mental and emotional defects of the civil mob and uses it as a weapon against healthy parts of the people. In Germany, the civil mob next to the Jewish mass media is a mainstay of the Merkel regime.

Media-driven (Jew-driven) democracy, combined with a degenerate, irresponsible, manipulatable electorate, has become a deadly threat to Western civilization and the White Race.

Characteristics of the civic mob:

infinitely manipulatable
mentally defective
open to left ideology
strongly antisocial tendencies

There is another feature of the civic mob that I want to describe in more detail. This type of person can be converted into a self-hating White with just a few “hand grips”, because anti-White propaganda hits no filter in its brain.