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The photo above shows inmates of an (inhuman!!!) concentration camp somewhere in Germany. Well, so be it. The exact location – whether Bergen-Belsen or Dachau or Hollywood – should not matter.

Who exactly were those people who were imprisoned in Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, etc? My readers, I’ll help you a little in answering the question.

Concentration camp inmates were for example, the protagonists of the New World Order, degenerates, communists, social democrats, useful idiots of the New World Order, and of course Jews …

The reader sees in the picture above the EU Marxists of their time, to put it this way. The inmates of the concentration camps were persons such as Frans Timmermans, Angela Merkel, Emmanuelle Macron, George Soros, Martin Schulz, Donald Tusk or Anetta Kahane – to mention only a few of them. Every horse thief who sat in the prisons for normal criminals of the National Socialist Germany was better than the scum that resided in the concentration camps.

Those people who were in the concentration camps at that time were inwardly, ideologically, spiritually … the same scum which is destroying us now.

My readers, you should not believe what I tell you. You should check it out logically on the basis of facts. I wish you success.